Making the money work

I posted a few days ago about giving money to a political party that sat firmly on the Left. After looking and asking in a couple of forums I cannot see a way to give money for a realistic impact politically. I considered a Union more but that came to nothing for a variety of reasons.
I want to give to make a change though. I feel I should. I am fortunate in so many ways and I genuinely feel that I should help others where I can. I give to the NSPCC, loan in Kiva and pay so I’m trying to do something but I had also been paying into the Labour Party and that money should be more usefully spent. So I looked and I found.

Centrepoint. The money can help now. Someone will benefit now. It will have a real effect which means someone will feel safe, services can be accessed which may not otherwise. That is a Good Thing. It’s not warm fuzzy feeling though but more of a sad one because we – as a society – should be doing more. We should be working hard to stop this, to make things fairer, less harsh, less destructive.

Giving politically is really an investment, the hope that the change you want will happen. I don’t really do investments like that. It’s a bit like gardening – do the work, wait months and maybe get a decent result. I’m more the instant gratification guy so it fits better to give money and have it work straight away.

From their email:

Today’s a very special day, because today you’ve helped to change someone’s life forever. And it’s not often anyone gets to say that.

You could do that too.

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