Left left not centre left

Ed Milliband is on BBC News and when that happens now I click Mute. His ineffectiveness and the general aimless wandering of the Labour Party are why I’ve left the Labour Party after 2 1/2 years. Ed proclaims that Labour are centre-left. I want Left and hoped with the backing of the Trade Unions he’d take it there. But he didn’t and I along with many others have some middle fudge instead. So I’ve been looking for alternate organisations I can join which have a Left-wing agenda.

If you want to join the Labour Party you go to this page, fill in the details and bingo – you are in. They focus first on money (which used to be fine by me when they had a clue) and you second. If you want to join the Conservative Party then this is the page you need and the effect is the same. The BNP follow the pattern.  Contrast this with the UK Communist Party. You can fill in some details but they want to talk to you – there is no automatic ‘in’. It is the same process for the Socialist Party. And the Socialist Labour Party. Think about that – the two parties closest to capitalism want your money but the parties closer to the people want to know you first. The Alliance for Green Socialism puts money first though. I am undecided on which to join. I am not into the doorstepping activity, I did a couple of protest marches years ago but I am unsure of what I can contribute apart from money right now (and I’m not loaded, I just want to pay monthly/annual subs). Time isn’t something I have much of week to week.

An alternative is to join a Union. Arguably the parties above are marginalised – they have very little local influence through Council seats and no Parliament presence. Communist Party – 0.3% of the vote. Socialist Labour Party – less than 2% in 23 constituencies. So is giving them my monthly sub going to be money usefully spent? The principle is sound but can the cash be better used by others? I think it might be. Unions lobby, they represent real people and they can and do affect life positively. They are able to affect policy. Question then is what Union to join – given what I do it’s hardly surprising that there isn’t one already there. On that score I’d not fit in any but I don’t want to be a member to get any benefits, I just want to put my money somewhere it can work. Donate? Yes, that’s an option but I’d like to be part of a Union so I can say I am and which shows a level of commitment behind it. Maybe donating says more.

So at the moment with my goal of giving effectively to help make a political point I am a bit stuck on what to do.

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