Best of seven? DAMN RIGHT!

Maybe dying is a matter of accumulating a number of “lightning strikes”; none of them individually will do you in, but the accumulated effect leads to death. I think of it something like Monty Python’s Black Knight: the first four blows are just flesh wounds, but the fifth is the end of the line.

Interesting but somewhat heavy post here about mortality rates. I find Death to be a weird topic. I cannot understand what happened before I was born but I know it happened. I cannot understand what will happen after I die but I know it will happen. It’s something I just can’t get my head around. I do not subscribe to any belief system that has any sort of afterlife. I firmly believe that you are born and you die with nothing before and nothing after. So reading about death is odd but compelling. But I suppose that’s true for most even if you do believe in something wonderful happening after you die. Linked from that above post is a scary site. It’s the Death Probability Calculator.

Now I know that basic fitness can help (but it’s no guarantee), that there are implications from your social position and that accidents do happen but this I find scary. There is a 3.6% chance I will not make it to my 50th. I can live (ha ha) with those odds. But there is almost a 1 in 4 chance I will die by the age of 70. That means I have only 20 years left. It means if my daughters decide to have kids that there is a 23% chance I won’t be around on their 18th. Given the way politics is right now this will be the chance I will not be collecting my pension. I don’t care about the pension because that’s what old people get but I do care, really care, about those other numbers because of the personal, family and ‘bucket list’ implications.

I noted something after playing with the calculator. I am no optimist or pessimist. I like to think I am a realist. But what I noticed was that as I was looking at the graphs I was only looking at the one on the right.

One thought on “Best of seven? DAMN RIGHT!

  1. I’ve been constantly thinking about this lately as I’ve made my next Birthday a significant one in my head. Just endlessly working out time and years. Leaving it late to have children means I’ll most probably never hear my grandkids say a word (let alone see them). Not sure what I think about that. But that’s just part of a constant mental monologue of “Well in x years then…”

    I think through the first portion of your life you think you can live forever. But then you hit a second portion where you start thinking “Hang on, time is really bloody important”. I hopefully have 20-30 years left and the first thought that’s been plaguing me is “Shit! That all?” But then I have already fit a pretty good life into that amount. It’s that ever present knowledge that sure I could do that length of years again and pack as much if not more in, but there’s nothing after that…

    It’s like fitting a round peg in a square hole mentally for me right now.

    That old adage about youth is wasted on the young and all that.

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