Tracking my day

Using IOGraph I have tracked my actions today. I use a Wacom tablet/stylus if it makes any difference.

Click for the big image.
I can explain some.
The big circle top left is where certain bookmarks are grouped together – mainly for plugins/akismet. The big one in the centre is where I rest my hand (I only noticed I did this after seeing that circle develop over the day). The grouping in the top right is where I click to catch the browser scrollbars. It’s wide because the windows overlap each other down that side. The lines that move into the bottom left/right are toward action buttons. The predominance of circles on the left are email subjects / forum posts. The very big dot on the left is where windows overlap so there I can easily click between irc / IM / email / Things so I don’t have to cmd+tab or use dock icons (it’s faster my way).

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