Some skyrim stuff

Lydia is still around and is fully equipped with ebony kit and a great big sword. That big she couldn’t get through a doorway at one point.

Found Shearpoint, saw a dragon asleep on the Word wall. Popped a 40sec invisibility, ran in, got the word and as I did the dragon attacked Lydia and Krosis fireballed me. I ran straight off a cliff – there really was nowhere else to go – and luckily hit enough rocks on the way down to stay alive. The dragon followed and he got killed. Went back up, told Lydia to walk to the Word wall. Krosis appeared and I easily picked him off with my archery (I even used Dwarven arrows and they are kept for special). So I have his mask and the guy whose name began with V.

At some point I need to back through Forelhost and this time Lydia will be bait.

Since the update I can make the game crash. Enter Breezehome, look at the stack of books at the back and go to turn in any direction. Crash every single time. So I don’t do that any more. I have also had constant high hovering dragons, dragons flying backwards and in one case a dragon that hovered directly in front of me while I filled it full of arrows.

Time spent in-game is over 100 hours, Stealth 100, Archery 75, Destruction around 60 (Lightning Runes are nice). I’m level 35 or 36 so not that far. Haven’t been to the Greybeards yet so no Fus-Do-Rah for me. 313 locations.

Still haven’t got round to Smithing or Enchanting. A little grindstone improvement but for archery it doesn’t really matter. I have x3 sneak, a helmet which boosts, a mask which boosts and I can hit a falmer from a long way off.

While walking the dogs earlier I passed two teenagers who were probably  doing a drug deal (quiet little village like mine and we still have potheads) and as the dogs wouldn’t come away from them I said we had to go, got a game to play. Guy asked what game and we had several minutes chat about Skyrim. Probable stoner talking about being got by dragons. Odd.

Can’t find the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood.

I’ve been playing video games since 1979 and this is by far the most immersive and complete game I have ever played. It really is amazing.

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