Some game stats

Locations discovered: 250 (/320+?)
Dungeons cleared: 31
Days passed: 60
Gold found: 18106
Skill increases: 264
Quests completed: 10 (/190)
Misc Objectives completed: 15 (/lots)
Enchanting done: none
People killed: 332
Animals killed: 260
Creatures killed: 59
Favourite weapon: Elven bow
Spells learned: 10 (/100?)
Total lifetime bounty: 187
Bunnies slaughtered: 0
Time actually spent playing the game: 56 hours.

Managed to creep right up behind a dragon yesterday as it slept on top of building high on a mountain. And I managed to creep back the same way without waking him up too. (Blood dragons are pretty tough for where I am right now).

I can’t think of any other game which has captivated me so much even with the few bugs I’ve encountered. I’m in no rush, loving exploring and as I am the Dragonborn the world will let me take my sweet time. Epic game experience.

9 thoughts on “Some game stats

    1. Since I wrote the above it’s now 294 locations and I just got fried – while swimming – by a Blood Dragon. Earlier I was wandering through some trees minding my own business when I turned on hearing a noise. 3 trolls were running at me. I legged it over rocks, over more rocks, they were closing and then I landed among a group of Riften guards. The trolls lost interest in me :) And it’s now more than 60 hours.

      Have you completed it?

  1. Nowhere near completing it. I’m a week behind as had to go away on the day of release (damn). I’ve only killed three dragons – using a tried and tested method of hiding behind a rock shooting it in the arse while others are distracting it (hey it works!). I’m just enjoying it. I think I know what the major quest lines are but I’m dipping into the misc category which sometimes pulls out a whole raft of quests.

    Just bought a house as I was sick of carrying around nice shiny and potentially useful things (but heavy in total) so they’ve been thrown in a chest – I’ve got six staffs … I’m only using bow and war axe but may need a nice staff later. Haven’t bought a horse as I think it’s bloody pricey and it’s pretty cool just to wander the landscape, or pay for a cart for the super long treks. And if something jumped me and my horse and killed it (possible, maybe) I’d be raging. The other day I was walking along a mountain pass and I swear a Sabre Cat lept off a rock above me where I hadn’t seen it and mauled me before I knew what was going on. Giants scare the bejeebuz out of me after I wandered over to one to have a closer look, and he bloody flattened me so it’s more rock hiding and creeping when they come around. I thought they only went for you if you attacked their mammoths – lesson learned :) Trolls and those damn sabre cats can suck it as it’s a hefty battle when I’m surprised by one 1 on 1.

    It’s just an awesome game and I’m just starting to stretch out to the wider reaches of the map. Amazingly I’m not in a rush to complete the game – just really, really enjoying it.

    1. I have no horse. Meant to search one but it thought I was stealing it so I had to kill the owner. Still didn’t take it :)

      I’ve played for 70+ hours now. Up until a couple of hours ago my house – in Whiterun – just had everything lobbed onto the floor. I’d tried putting gems in buckets and baskets but had given up as it was too fiddly. And then – and then – I see a chest next to the bed and not only that after opening it I saw ‘Store’ as an option. Yes, it took me that long. Don’t they hold a lot! I have books lobbed into heaps but that was useful as I found maps I knew I had and leveled up a couple of skills.

      So hopefully entering my house from now won’t be like wading through slow and noisy debris.

      Trolls I kill with fire but cats I like to shoot first. My sneak is up to 88 :)

      I’ve started a couple of quests but I’m staying away from the main one. The game is far too good to rush.

  2. Jayzuz I’m a little far behind. Only 30 days passed

    Quests completed: 17
    Misc Objectives: 29
    Main Quests: 7
    Side Quests: 5

    Locations discovered only 42 – I am taking it slow with the exploring :)

    I have apparently stolen 12 things and been responsible for 29 assaults – no memory of them at all! :D

        1. Ah Lydia the Housecarl. Um, I think she’s dead for me. I got into a bit of a healthy scrap right after we met and I *think* she got whacked during that. Might have been a Dragon and some Bandits. Never seen her since … which makes the bed ownership even more spooky for me.

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