Helping each other

I’m heading through a swampy volcanic area and two bears rush me and Lydia (my NPC companion). I dual fireball and walk backwards doing so. Just as I get low on magicka a dragon swoops in and takes on the bears. I ran for cover and watched. The dragon is belching fire at the two bears and then a giant takes interest. He comes in, batters the bears and the dragon. The dragon swoops away and back doing a low pass overhead while breathing fire at the creatures below. Bears die. Dragon soars and heads right, giant lumbers left. Sabre cat comes in from the far left and goes at the giant. Dragon comes back and takes on the cat. I’ve been plugging arrows into the dragon when I can so his health isn’t great. He’s on the ground and distracted by the sabre cat so I head on in dual fireballs and the cat dies. Whip out the sword and take the last bit of life from the dragon. He dies and burns up. I get the loot and a Dragon Soul. Feeling really pleased I start walking across this swampy bit. I hear this slight noise and look left to see the giant looking straight at me. I ducked and very very carefully backed off.
And the amazing part of this game is that no-one else will probably experience that battle in that place.

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