Read Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz. Has to rank as the worst bio I have read. Not that I thought it would be deeply intellectual but it redefines shallow.
Pre-ordered the kindle version of Peter Cook: A Biography which is probably the best bio I have read. I was born a little late for his time on top of the comedy tree and I never really for into the Pete & Dud thing but the book really is excellent. Read it around 10 years ago and I’m looking forward to reading it again.
Currently reading Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

Recently read 2 books by Kazuo Ishiguro – Never Let Me Go and Remains of the Day. The first I read in one sitting (unintended, it was just that good) and the second was over 2 nights. Both are so great that even though I know they are films I could not watch those films. They would probably ruin the books for me. Faultless books and more by that guy have been bought (I’m spacing out the goodness).
Reading goal for the next 6 months – finish Anna Karenina and start War & Peace.

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