A moron works at Apple

Lots of apps open, all the regular stuff. Then Safari crashes and it takes everything with it. The machine is totally unresponsive and eventually I kill it after several minutes of waiting by holding the power button down -I have no other choice. I power up and every app that was open re-opens, I get a pile on ‘Not Responding’ in the Activity Monitor and then the machine locks up again. Which knuckle dragging idiot decided that this was the preferred behaviour? There is no way to stop this – the “option” does not work. The OS KNOWS when this happens and yet it ignored that and just crash crash crash.
Lion is a trashy bug-ridden mess of crap that I should never have bought. I will probably go back to the (still buggy but less so) Snow Leopard but I will never ever again buy any software created by Apple. I’ll use it maybe but never pay. They don’t deserve it.

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