Reduce your db

A friend of mine just started blogging and I bought her the Tiny package at A Small Orange. It was the easiest to go with at that time but it is limited space at just 150mb. As a routine check that all was well I saw that her mysql usage was 23 MB.
She has 36 posts and 728 comments and 23MB is just silly. Browsing using phpmyadmin showed a huge number of revisions. So off I went to find a plugin and Delete Post Revisions had a good number of downloads. I exported her db and set it up here on MAMP.; Then I ran the plugin. It reduced the db from 23MB to just 4MB. That is both an amazing saving and a scary one. If you are going to migrate anyone you might want to run that plugin first and if you are on a host that limits size you might want to take a look too. A 19MB difference in such a young blog is far too much to ignore.

And Helen’s blog is here:

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