You’re on a hilltop overlooking the seaside village of Festeron.

To the south stands the Festeron Post Office. It’s a little brick building with a neatly-trimmed lawn. The Post Office door stands invitingly open.

Roads run down the hill to the east and west. There’s a signpost nearby.

Somebody inside the Post Office is calling you.

Okay, what do you want to do now?

You need the map, the game file, the story (with some help) and an interpreter, either Zoom (mac) or Frotz (win).

I have 2 gaming wishes. The first is that a company updates all the Lemmings games and releases them as a boxed set. The second is that all the Infocom games are re-released as full sets complete with feelies (I have the 2 Lost Treasures and the Classics CD). Both of these I’d buy immediately, no waiting for a sale. I’m not about to say that games these days just aren’t the same but they aren’t. I downloaded MAME for my laptop last night and Hellfire – a game that cost me lots of money – weighs in at 370kb. The main Wishbringer file is a mere 129kb. That is tiny. Size has no relation to gameplay though.

Anyway, download the game. What do you use the branch for? How do you save the goldfish? What is in the note…?

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