Another try

Here is the new addition (second post as I lost the first migrating hosts)

He is currently behaving just as a puppy should – peeing in the wrong places, yapping, getting under feet. For some reason this irritates J and D. I keep telling them that it’s Storm’s job as a puppy but they aren’t impressed. And I’m sure Winston already knows who Storm is but Storm is still clueless – again that will be part of his career at this point.

4 thoughts on “Another try

  1. Ignore last comment, a Bordeaux? Thought I recognised the feet.
    You’ll be chasing him around the house whenever he has a drink for the next 10 years! :) Bless. Seriously though, they are nice dogs. Mine isn’t very bright. ;)

    1. Yep, he’s a Hooch. He’s a yappy little thing right now, Winston doesn’t really care for him being around. Not sure about the intelligence bit but so long as knows I’m top dog and that he is at the bottom of the food chain that’ll do me. He’s also at least 2 weeks from being allowed outside (can’t use the garden because of the foxes).

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