Got my first – that I recall – solid abuse tonight on the Playstation Network. Was playing Modern Warfare 2 on Quarry. I run into the main warehouse (for those that play it’s the one at the top with the rocket launcher) and get shot. I didn’t see it so I watched the killcam. It was a sniper at the back under the steps to the ledge. And he didn’t even quickscope me – he was zoomed in on the entrance. Nasty slimy little camper. I switched loadouts to a Tar with grenades, flashbangs and a grenade launcher. Ran past one door and flashbanged, went in through the next straight at him and threw everything at that corner – I got him. Nothing could have survived that onslaught and did I care that I’d not just shot him? No, not a bit. Seconds later I get abuse – I’m not even going to repeat it here – and a few seconds later I happened upon him again and killed him again. I got another abuse message. I don’t usually reply but I made an exception and he will have read ‘LOL’. Unsurprisingly for a camper he quit the game.
Yesterday playing this time on Afgan I called in a crate and as it dropped one of my team went to flashbang me. I saw it coming, spun round and spun back perfectly and got the crate (it was an AC-130). And after I’d used that the little cheater shot me (for those that don’t play this has no effect other than to show you are annoyed). So I grenaded him. And shot him. And knifed him. We spent most of the game I think shooting each other. I got the most kills but then with an AC-130 you should.
So that’s 2 days and 2 pathetic players. Of course on XBox I don’t get abuse just a stream of youtube links and voice messages with kids of about 8 inviting everyone to “try out for their hardest team”. Yeah right.
I have the abuse messages but will Sony make it easy to report this kid (his name was wolf1990)? No. No way to flag that message and call it abuse. For the service they offer this should be an integral part. But – and this is no bias, just fact – the voices of the players on XBox are from kids 90% of the time and on PSN from adults. Want to shoot kids? Get XBL.

In other gaming news I bought Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness in the Steam sales (along with several other games). I like it. I knew I’d like it when this was said – “HOLY SHIT!!! DID YOU SEE THAT FUCKING ROBOT?!!”

And in other gaming news I’d debating building a PC. Ask at reddit (r/buildapc) for the best spec and parts (which is the hard part I’m told, getting the bits to play nicely together) then click the bits to the other right bits. But it’s just a debate right now and it would only be for gaming, absolutely nothing else.

And in non-gaming news have you tried the Zen mode in WP? It’s fucking brilliant and in my opinion the best thing to happen in WP since version 1.5.3 (I loved that one) was released. Yes, it’s that good.

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