Lovefreekz & EMI

I love the video Shine by The Lovefreekz. I’d really like to show it to you again.

You cannot buy that video anywhere. It can be streamed from a Virginmedia site and you can proxy to the USA and watch it. But you cannot view it here. Nonsense. I’d pay for just that video. If EMI released just that on a DVD and charged £10 I’d buy it without hesitation. I may even buy 2 just in case. But I can’t so watching it on Youtube deprives them of zero money. Letting me download it to my ipod costs them zero money. I cannot lose them any money at all. I bought the CD with it on, but I want to watch it. It’s the best – or rather was the best – video on Youtube for me. It’s fantastic. And EMI think that taking it away from me and everyone else will do what exactly?
If I had a copy I would not give that to anyone else, I just want a copy for me. So what has EMI achieved? Well I suppose I should thank them because there are other ways to get a better copy than Youtube. And even so I’d still buy a copy if they released it.

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