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On my Windows laptop I have 2 logins. One is the Supreme Being who can do as they wish, the other is a prole. Most of the time I use the prole role as it’s safer, less bad things can happen (not all, just some). On my Mac I have just the one login because nothing bad can ever happen to a mac. Quite why the MRT (Malicious Removal Tool) runs on a mac is beyond me…. And on my blog I have 2 roles – Admin and Editor. Same reason as Windows. On the laptop I can only login as Editor. I thought it was safer and I’m sure someone recommended this at some time. So according to my blog I have 2 people which is fair enough. Because of that the theme wants to credit me with every post. I do not want this to happen. If you have read this blog you know it’s just me. If you are just passing you don’t care and if I did let someone else post I’d probably ask them to post with their name at the bottom. So if you do not want that ‘by Mark’…remove this:

functions.php, line 562


content-single.php, lines 35-39

by %5$s

There may be other edits needed but they work for me so far. Two points:
1. Displaying any author name should be an option. Just because a blog has more than one author does not mean each post should have a name. Don’t believe me? Go look at newspapers – not all articles have bylines.
2. If you say ‘Child theme’ I will be very unhappy. I should not need to create a theme file for such an easy and obvious option.

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