On some tarmac

When I was a kid my Dad took some cine film of various things including my coming home from hospital (a big event), pushing a little truck thing around the garden at 11 months through to me at 15 on holiday in Menorca. No sound and the clips aren’t that long but it amuses Jacqui and the girls. Given I’m about to head over the Atlantic and half the Pacific (Akismet team meetup in Hawaii) there was sequence in 1971 which showed how far we have gone.
There is an expanse of tarmac and concrete, several piles of luggage and a lone policeman in case people got lost. Passengers – my Dad being one – quite literally took their luggage out to the tarmac and walked to and onto the plane. No luggage truck, no lines to follow. I’ve seen bus queues better organised. And then just as people drop out of the close shot the pilot starts the plane and rolls onto the runway. The days before Health & Safety – and the hijackings of the 70’s. Quaint.
I expect to be searched and stood in the plastic box in the center between the security lines. It’s happened before. But this time I have hair! Maybe this cunning disguise will mean the TSA and others won’t judge me to be a risk and they’ll let me on without the stoppage.

I’ve been watching for seats too. I hate more it than you can imagine when someone reclines their seat in front of me. As far as I am concerned I didn’t just pay for a seat I also paid for the space between my head and the chair in front. I expect to be able to read, see the film etc. I was going to hope for an aisle seat so I can at least stretch one leg but looking this morning I found that 40D was available. .
$30 later and it’s mine. Hopefully no family need it and if they do hopefully there are other seats on an aisle without some selfish person in front who wants to recline. Seriously, you should have to pay the person behind for adversely affecting their comfort. I’m 6’2 so the seats aren’t good anyway and reclining just means I have to bury my knees into the back of the chair in front so my back doesn’t hurt. So fingers crossed that 40D stays mine. I have an aisle seat for the LA – Hawaii part so that’s not too bad. Can’t book a seat on that one.

I really like airplane food.

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