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Mac mini is spontaneously forgetting about the external HD’s. It’s not just unmounting them, it has no clue they are there until they are physically reconnected. Ethernet connection may or may not be detected. It will fail to read discs and Onyx keeps telling me the HD needs repairing. I repaired the disk, ran onyx, cleared everything up and deleted logs so I could better look at what was being generated. I may not know the internals but it’s interesting anyway. Since then no discs have been ejected, it ripped 5 cd’s without a murmur and the disk is verified. It must know that Tuesday it has an appt with a Person Who Knows All at the Apple Store. I ran smartmontools to see what it showed.

Of SMART I know zilch but being of advancing years I know what ‘Old age’ is and I’m hoping ‘Pre-fail’ is some way off. So maybe it’s just old? The machine just passed it’s 5th birthday and it’s rarely been off so maybe it really just is starting to tip toward stopping. I shall see.

While looking at logs I did see something very odd:

Mar 10 15:20:22 unknown-00-16-cb-a6-bd-2f postfix/smtp[679]: 588CF36FCAE: host[] said: 421-4.7.0 [] Our system has detected an unusual amount of 421-4.7.0 unsolicited mail originating from your IP address. To protect our 421-4.7.0 users from spam, mail sent from your IP address has been temporarily 421-4.7.0 blocked. Please visit 421 4.7.0 to review our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines. v7si14749858bkx.25 (in reply to end of DATA command)

That’s not my IP. Little Snitch has not alerted to anything but then it wouldn’t would it if the bad app (on a mac? Nooo..) just hooked into it. I’ve denied (which I have never used) just in case it is implicated. I don’t do email on that mini. It’s setup in case this one stops but it is not used and certainly wasn’t on March 10 and a couple of previous dates listed. Very odd. My IP is not blacklisted, the above is and it belongs to BT. Something to look into. I was tempted to reinstall SL but with the mini HD being iffy, the drive not being healthy at times and my SL disc having a scratch which can cause problems I decided the journey may not complete. Be nice to see what’s doing that though.

I bought a(nother) domain name last week that I found had been expired and I didn’t want a splogger to get it. Bought it at Namecheap and then realised I couldn’t WHOIS protect it because it’s a I can opt-out at Nominet but that requires a (legit) change in my details at Namecheap. Mildly annoying. Anyway, while checking Nominet’s site I found this (my emphasis):

Nominet provides this service as we operate a publicly-available registry on behalf of all Internet users and for the benefit of the whole community, information release via the WHOIS and other methods is very important. The WHOIS makes it easier to find out who is behind a domain name and helps build more confidence in the use of the Internet.

Now isn’t that just so sweet?

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