I buy another drive and the dead one breathes again (gave it power to test a plug as another drive appeared dead). It is seen and repaired by the mac and ‘appears to be ok’. So I have 1TB of backup hanging off 1 machine and 1.5TB off the other. Nuts, absolutely nuts. Offline I am disorganised. The phrase “Yes I know it looks a mess but I know where everything is”** applies here. But on the machines it is tidy and organised. Spotlight can’t look anywhere because it’s all set to Private (if I really need something in a file I use Easyfind but that is rare indeed. So all that space is going to stay just space. You can’t backup backups esp when the important stuff is backed up online already. Play around with photo libraries maybe.

And I write this while praying at the Altar of Apple. Much pain through the night at my coccyx and I can’t do anything without it hurting. So I am kneeling at this desk, elbows raised and tapping away. So to the casual observer I am worshipping much white plastic. I don’t think so :)

**Everywhere J goes is clean and tidy. Not fair to live in a bombsite for her. Probably explains why this room is a Health & Safety problem. 19 plugs off 1 socket? What’s wrong with that?

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