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23:35 Fri 11 Feb 2011

We need a real Left

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And Cameron says democracy is good for the country of Egypt while he screws every single person – including children – so he and his rich friends can get even richer but hides behind “the good of the country”.

There is just one extraordinary fact everyone needs to know. The cuts have fallen hardest on the most deprived councils, while the richest areas have suffered least.

What we are seeing is a politically motivated and ideological assault on public services, far bigger and much more vicious than levied by any Tory Government since the war …

Polly Toynbee – Comment is free.

What a shame there is no real govt opposition. Little Ed doesn’t count. He may be a lot of things and I’m sure he’s clever in many way but a leader to inspire his own paid-up members? No, he’s not that.

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