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Google’s search is polluted and it’s really annoying. It’s annoyed me before and I made a big long list of the crap sites but lost it. Over the last couple of days I’ve started it again.
I find these to be spammy, junk and a waste of time looking at let alone visiting:
and I don’t want to see them in any search results ever for anything. YMMV. But it’s a PITA to enter those before searching. Firefox has the answer though. (Chrome might, didn’t look).

From the search dropdown in the top right choose to add another search engine. I chose Google-UK. Then (on a mac), go to /Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/searchplugins and open up that new xml file. (It’s somewhere here depending on Windows version). Near the bottom it has this:

and what you need to do (after making that list above into one long line and keeping those minus symbols) is put a + after {searchTerms} then paste the line. In the end it looks like this (slide to compare):

and now when you search using that engine in your browser you will avoid all the crap. But no, it’s not that easy.

Google limit searches to 32 words and if you use all that then depending on the number of words you input too you will see:

“nextag” (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 words.

This makes it slightly more difficult because although I never want to go to answers.com I would like to see someone’s post about the answers to my problem. So I edited mine down:

Still, the results when I’m after reviews or purchases are much better.

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