No delete key.

One in four users turned off their anti-virus protection in response to performance problems after they installed security software, according to a survey by security software firm Avira. The Register

J has always used Windows and is a creature of habit. She is also reluctant to change in part for memory reasons. She has gone through a few laptops so when this one started showing signs of too much wear – keys falling off, knackered battery and more – but a new machine was needed. It is vital for her not a luxury. She was adamant though and didn’t like those ‘mac things’ despite the rest of us using them. What drove her over the edge though wasn’t the machine, wasn’t Windows updates – it was the never ending stream of AV updates (I’d tried all the good free ones). Yes she knew why but the hogging they caused and the ‘in your face’ nature meant that she agreed to a macbook (I debated another Windows machine but putting Ubuntu on but then the girls couldn’t help her). Thankfully due to Dropbox and my backing up everything else she lost nothing, not a single file. So did she switch because she didn’t like Windows? No. And does she like the mac? Not yet.

Look! A post mentioning a mac that doesn’t have a go at them! The restraint being shown is epic!

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  1. Alex – you’ll be telling me they never crash next :) Or that Activity Monitor is useless.

    Part of the rason for the mac was Applecare. Inside 3 years she will render it in need of repair. Be much easier to walk in a store and get it fixed. Trying to get a PC repair would have been impossible. So even with no hogging the keyboard was a mess.

    But is it good? Given that even with max RAM both these minis struggle then no. That said they are old, but even then my PC at the time slammed these mini completely I have no need for a PC though what with consoles. J will be happy once she gets her routines by rote.

  2. I know that Macs can get viruses, however I’ve not had one on this macbook, or the last one and I don’t have any AV on it.

    I think I’ve only had one crash on 10.5 and nothing yet on 10.6.

    However, the number of other problems with the 1000+ iBooks/macbooks I used to support (they’re all gone now, replaced with Windows and Linux laptops/netbooks) was unreal. Anything from dodgy batteries, corrupt startup files to fingers through the screens (which can happen to them all)

    Applecare is a godsend. Just go in, be extra nice saying how wonderful the are and how helpful the folk are in there gets you amazing results. I wonder if PC World would do that??

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