Hand Pt2

It’s called a Volar Plate Avulsion Injury apparently. Hand is now swollen and the metal ring in the back of the hand cannot be seen.
Little finger escaped damage. Ring finger must have been stretched as it’s painful when used to grip. Ring finger remains swollen, solid and has at most 45 degrees of movement down. Both knuckles are shades of purple, first section of finger is twice normal size. Index finger isn’t too bad but then it’s splinted. Can move last section and it too has 45 degrees from the knuckle. Seeing the physio on the 22nd, can’t do anything until then. I asked about typing and the answer was if I was gentle on the keys when I type I should be okay. I’m not.
In other news I’ve not switched on the PS3 since I tried that one game of MW2. Unless I’ve been out the country it’s never been off so long. PSP dusted off and I’m playing Jeanne d’Arc (87 at Metacritic) instead.

I described the stairs and stairlift to the physio when he called to make the appt. I asked how he thought it happened. His opinion was that the index caught the stairlift rail and the hand carried on past. His lovely description was to imagine falling over near a kerb. You put your hand out to stop. The index finger makes enough contact to stay where it is on the flat top of the kerb but the hand keeps going down which forces the finger up very quickly. Now there’s a mental picture as you make a fist while thinking about it.

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