Valve, Steam and 1 expletive.

I have a Steam account. I have a Mac Mini 2.0Ghz. Zen Bound 2 was released this morning and as I like the game on the iPod Touch I wanted it on the mac.
Login to Steam, find the game and click to buy it. I choose Paypal. Steam then wants my name, address, county, country, postcode, phone number. Why? You do not need these to purchase using Paypal. We don’t on, you don’t when you complete software purchases elsewhere and you don’t at eBay. So why do Steam ask? They do it because they can, not because it is required.
Buy the game, download. It does not work properly. Windowed the screen is black, full screen the model is black. Unplayable. Why does not Steam download a helper program or have it in the client that identifies if the computer it is on can run the game? Why do Steam do not do this?
Go to their Support and try to contact them. You need to create a Support account, this is different from your main account. There is only one possible reason for this – to stop Support requests. There is no other purpose to creating that new account. It heads people off, it is a barrier. Which lazy bastard thought that one up?

I am perfectly aware that Steam are leaders in what they do, piracy is dropping, aren’t they great blah blah blah but the above is ridiculous and fantastically easy to solve.

One thought on “Valve, Steam and 1 expletive.

  1. I tried buying something on steam once, already had an account from a boxed copy of the orange box, but never bought anything online from them. The bank flagged the transaction as fraudulent and wouldnt allow it to go through, never used it again since. Its one of the many reasons Ive given up altogether on PC gaming, and now stick to consoles.

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