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Have I mentioned I am trying Ubuntu? When I bought the netbook one of the factors was that it was running Windows XP. I didn’t care for later and I knew XP wouldn’t tax the machines like Vista and 7 would. After getting it I considered what precisely I wanted the OS to do and XP came out as doing too much. There was too much OS for what I wanted. So I stuck Ubuntu on it. Latest version, Lucid something? Netbook Remix version it was.
I’ve been quietly impressed. All it has to do is browse, IM, email and music. Maybe IRC if needed. That’s all. I’m not saying Ubuntu can only do that, just that because my needs are deliberately basic I have not had to go round chasing drivers and hunting for different sources. So it’s all set up, I’m pretty happy with the command line stuff I do, I have it secured wirelessly and I have my background of choice which is always important (it’s the Red Bull logo). There are some minor niggles but I have major issues with OS X so the netbook is fine. (When I say major issues that can be broken down into 2 parts. (1) the fanboy “OMG Windoze is so insecure and OS X is great” side of things when they fail to see Apple security updates outnumber Windows ones and (2) Apple’s paternal “We know best, we do, really.”). Anyway, Ubuntu on the netbook is really great and because I didn’t need it to do work on from the start it meant I could take my time to learn and poke around.

Went looking for a blogging client under Ubuntu earlier. On Windows it’s Live Writer, on the Mac I use Marsedit if anything so I was after something similar. Blogtk I couldn’t get working, a Blog Entry program I could not create cats with, another would let me connect as if it were a MT blog but then would not retrieve posts. There were a couple of others from the Ubuntu Software thing in Systems but none worked for me. I was quite surprised that there was nothing. Millions of blogs and no way to create and post remotely. Not that there should be, I’m not saying this out of any sort of entitlement I am just surprised there is nothing there and even that there is no competition. It’s not like there isn’t a market is it?
I chose to use the epiphany browser instead. It is for one blog only and although a client lets me save offline I am never offline. If I am away from the computer I have the Blackberry (until December when I go Android. RIM deserve to go down the pan) so the browser will do the job. I can’t confuse it with Firefox either.

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