Another reason to hate iTunes

Like I needed more… It’s 3am and pretty quiet. I realise that the external HD is noisy. Check that Spotlight hasn’t decided to index it (not allowed to) and realise it’s that damn iTunes again. Pause playing the music, drive stops. Repeat to be sure. Go do some searching and fine instances of this very complaint going back to 2004. SIX YEARS. That far back people were complaining and yes there are noisy drives but if I am playing one track why can’t iTunes work out that lifting that track in one go into RAM to play would make total sense instead of dragging it off 100kb at a time? It’s not rocket science is it for a computer to cache some data? And it’s not even that much. But then iTunes is no ordinary shop is it?

If you ever wrote any code that is in iTunes you should be skinned, rolled in salt and have the crystals washed off with hot water. Daily.

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