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I am pulling photos from directories to put on a card for a digital photo frame for Jacqui. So I am checking every folder in /Pictures and I am finding a silly amount of duplication. I have one family christmas in 3 places for instance. Disk space doesn’t matter but a little more organisation would be nice. It would also be laborious and prone to error. The error does not matter as the photos are on the mini and a hd and mirrored on another hd but the laborious does. So that’s 9 folders of that one event. Daft. So there has to be a program that wil do all the sorting surely?

It would:

  • place all dupes into a single folder
  • sort all remaining images by exif data
  • place all those images into folders by month/year
  • place all images with no or incomplete exif data into another folder

Such code has to exist so I shall start trawling photo forums later today.

One thought on “After a photo program

  1. You could if you had time code a script that does most of that. I use a Python script called fslint to find dupe files but I’m not sure how easy it would be to get running in Windows or the Mac.

    Best to get cracking at it though, and sort out the photos in whatever way you want and stick with it if you can!

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