Creepy Apple

The Magic Trackpad I bought does not work despite my trying everything I could find. I even took the MBP into the garden where any interference would be less but it still refuses to work. Posted to the Apple forums but the problem does not seem to exist except for  few so I got the junky one. The emailed receipt – or as they put it ‘Billing Document” – arrived so after one last check of their forums I rang their number to arrange the return.

Usual robotic voice answers and I was expecting the “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for …”. Instead I get this female voice saying that she can understand full sentences so to just ask what I want. I’m sure some people will go to Google and type “How can I take my horse to water and make him drink?”. Too long. “Horse water drink” or even just “horse water” is what I type so in this case I said “Refund”. And I hear what I think is typing. This robotic voice has said she can understand full sentences and now she’s typing? A couple of questions later and I’ll swear that the sound was of someone typing. If you can understand my voice like that you don’t need to type. I can see that if I were stood at a desk and a robot were dealing with my request that the sights and sounds of a what was a human activity would be in some way reassuring but this is a phone line. I don’t need that. It is creepy. Someone somewhere in an Apple meeting debuted their new answering / understanding bot and someone else said “Hey, sound effects!”. Why?

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  1. I had something similar happen to me once. I thought for sure I was talking to a computer but it was actually a human and he sounded exactly like a robot. I wonder if talking on the phone so much and saying the same things tends to change their voices. :)

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