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It is very satisfying when I don’t just help someone I give them tools to then help themselves. Had a ticket today that concerned photos of young children. The complainant pointed out the blog was a WordPress blog and could we take it down. It was obvious from their language that they knew little of how to find information. If the blog had been on it would have gone immediately, it was breaking the law. But it wasn’t and I could have simply said “Not ours, can’t help”. But this is kids, it’s stolen images and it is illegal so a simple brush-off wouldn’t do. And it also wouldn’t help the people complaining.
What they needed to know was who owned the domain.

Point out then use the tools there to find what they need. So whois the domain, whois the nameservers, traceroute the nameserver domain, get the upstream provider, ping them, check it’s all good info and send it on so they have every piece I can get hold of. Nothing complex, nothing difficult. If I could have dug around to find an AUP I would have but I’m sure Liquidweb don’t allow child porn seeing as they are US based. But the point is that they now have the site to go to and how to extract the information they need. Sometimes it may be more complex but they still have more – bit like the teach to fish thing.
It’s a pity that that type of information extraction is not more easily available for people so they can go straight to source. Not because they bother the wrong person first but so it is quicker for them and hopefully resolved faster. I’ll watch the blog url, see how fast it disappears. If it hasn’t by Monday I’ll complain.
Any other tips?

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