It gave me 5

Going to San Francisco caused a weight gain of 5lbs. That is really bad. Despite the walking around I did the fact is my usual diet was disrupted with what you call “food”. It is not a weight gain I am happy with and I can feel it on me, walking around I know I am heavier. Sounds daft maybe but it feels that way as much walking up the stairs as it does out with the dog. So tomorrow the diet restarts. I was 73-4kg when I got on the plane there so the first goal is to get back there. I reckon 10 days or so. Then continue the plan I have in mind. The last thing I need to be doing is abandoning clothes I just bought because I turned into a tubster again.

2 thoughts on “It gave me 5

  1. With me it was eating times being off, eating habits being completely different and eating the wrong stuff (that’s “food”). So it was an all-round disaster. Still, motivation is high, denial is in full operation so the goal will be hit.

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