Got on the plane feeling fine. I’d cut down on the caffeine beforehand, drank enough water (2 litres at the airport, took another 2 on with me). During the flight started to feel ill. I had a bad pain at the base of my spine, spent over 4 hours of the flight standing at the back stretching and being constantly asked if I was in the queue for the toilet and by the end of the flight was feeling very wobbly. I felt uncoordinated while collecting the suitcase and had to concentrate hard to not stagger. Lots more stopping to get my balance on the way to the coach. Since I’m home it feels like I am very drunk. The room will spin, my legs are wobbly and feel like they will give way, I feel sick, my breathing is worse, vision is a little blurred at times, typing is taking more concentration. My fluid intake is good, caffeine is still down, food is good. And I’ve had headaches too.

So ….. jetlag or caffeine related or a bug. Given where it started I’d actually say a bug. You know when you’ve had a few drinks and you lie on the bed that the room does start spinning? That’s just what it’s like here, even as I type this. It is very unpleasant.

2 thoughts on “Drunk

  1. Yes and no. I think it was a bug combined with two lots of jet lag.

    Previously to the US I stayed around 7 days then came back. So just as jetlag was kicking in I got back to my normal. This time was longer though which left my body feeling very weird. I did need to rehydrate and eat too though which I would say was bug related too.

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