Miss the vote

Phone call earlier from someone representing the Labour Party. He told me that there was a meeting of Labour supporters tomorrow and would I be interested in going? I said ‘not really’. He then said that there would be someone from the Labour Party there (that’ll be everyone surely?) and went into conspiratorial mode, he said there would be a high ranking member of the Labour Party there, a minister, a senior minister. And did I want to go? I said ‘No, not really’. He said thanks, would be in touch (I hope not) and rang off.

I suppose they want turnout and that’s fair enough but I certainly don’t want to go simply because I’ll be within a few dozen yards (maybe) of someone in the government. Except they aren’t, they are all PPC’s, not ministers afaik. And it’s not like I need to go to convince myself that this person is real. TV and media has not yet got to the point where I believe everything is made up just for the proles.

And I’m sorting a proxy vote as I’ll be in the US/in the air on the 6th. Annoying that I will miss not just voting but the staying up all night watching the coverage. I’ve done that every year (remember Portillo losing to Twigg?) and I really will miss that. It will make the event less real. Unlike the elected.

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