Along a street

Wandered to and around Camden Market – – with some friends yesterday. Some of the shops are below. What you can’t see here is the wide variety of people wandering round too. The last image. There is a shelf on the wall above them. You sit on the seat to eat the food. There was one overlooking the river but the pic isn’t as nice to look at. Inside the market there is probably every cuisine you can think of being cooked right in front of you. Fantastic place to go.

2 thoughts on “Along a street

  1. If overwhelming means you would miss things, that s second visit would be just as good as the first then yes, that could be true. But even if you did see it all I’d still say you would want to visit again so the fun and interest would outweigh that.

    I did not eat any of the food (it’s the diet…) but it was seeing people from the cultures/countries cooking right in front of you in huge pans / fryers / ovens. So you get the whole experience of seeing preparation, cooking, smelling and others eating. And all so close together.

    Highly recommended place to go. I’d go again next weekend quite happily.

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