A shin

First the good news. Last March or thereabouts I started to diet and around July hit my then desired weight of 75kg. This was a very good thing. Eating slipped in and out of okay though and I went back up to about 79kg. A bad thing. My method of dieting was restarted and today I hit 75kg again. I aim to stay much closer this time. I actually aim to drop a little more but not sure how much.

The bad news. Out with the dog I sometimes jog for some 200 yards. I like doing it because the weight loss means I can and it means the dog get to move a little quicker. If he doesn’t want to run far he runs right in front of me forcing me to stop. Not entirely stupid. Anyway, out one day early last week and leg or rather my shin suddenly hurts. Got back in much pain which is a hand-width above the left ankle. One area of sharpish pain, none at all above and less sharp below. Next day still much pain, couldn’t walk properly. Next day the same. Gave it a good check and when I push on it or hold my hand on it and flex my foot it creaks. It feels like 2 rough surfaces moving badly over each other. Various diagnoses on the net for this from 2 word injuries to 4 word injuries. Took it easy, walked on flat surfaces and all seemed good. Took the dog out and without thinking went over rough ground on his walk. I’m right back where I was at first. Pain, some swelling, limping. Not funny. I’m sure I’ve had this before so writing it here means I can search for shin when it happens again.

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