Games teach.

Schools, Gee argues, are giving kids the manuals (text book) and asking them to learn for themselves, in an environment that doesn’t effectively cater to their personal needs and issues (see next heading) where the rules are unclear. In video game, the rules are easy to learn because they’re a part of your experience and if the rules aren’t taught properly, the game isn’t very successful.

If you have a child you should buy them a console and should there be an argument all the ammunition you need is there.
I owned a Sega Megadrive at the time our eldest was born and a while after that I wanted a Super Nintendo (SNES). Didn’t really have an excuse until they released the excellent Mario Paint.

This came with a mouse. I sold the idea that if the girls could use a mouse then that could help at school, that playing with paint, music and the little games would be fun. I won – we bought it. By the time they went to school – especially our eldest as the 3 year difference was significant in how mice were used increasingly everywhere – they were ahead. They could use the mouse, drag/drop, knew all about clicks etc. Excellent purchase for learning. Coincidentally I also learned that Pilotwings was superb, Mario Kart was excellent and I distinctly recall saying “If Microsoft ever made a games console they could never make controllers as good as these”.

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