Walking in the rain

Was yesterday. Got the tube with Naoko and Noel there. Did I mention I met Noel for the first time the day before? Top bloke. The Community Centre venue was good (they drive on the proper side of the road here which makes crossing them so much easier and safer) and I found a drinks machine that sold small hot tins of coffee. I worked my way along them and eventually found the black coffee/no milk/no sugar one. There are dozens of these machines all over the place, it’s very odd. Anyway, except Noel’s which Naoko translated the rest were – quite naturally – in japanese. So I wandered around more than listened which explains the coffee. I had not intended to speak here but Naoko had asked me so I did 5 minutes of who I am, how I came to work for Automattic and that of 8500 plugins we have only 117 turn up if you search for ‘japanese’ so please write more so japanese users can also have more choice and make more of their blogs.
After the event we all headed off to a venue around the corner for a buffet meal and drinks. I wasn’t hungry and after 2 bottles of a fanta equivalent it was starting to feel odd being the only person in a room of 50+ who could only speak english. I said my farewells to Naoko, Ned and Noel all of who are off to Tokyo today for some other event and got some vague directions (go out, turn left, keep walking) to the river from where I could find my way.

A long long time later where I have to admit the “seeing something unintended and new” turned into “where the hell am I?” while plodding through the rain I eventually found my way back. As lost as I was though I did notice new stuff which just doesn’t happen at home. It was the longest I have been out just walking and while it was a little tedious to get lost and be soaked in the rain it was still part of what I wanted, it was still being here and experiencing.

Oh – at Wordcamp one of the companies with their presentation outside was doing it on a PS3. I expressed some concern over the misuse of this so they quit that and let me play a level of Flower for those around. Very good of them :)

Stuff today is first get some money from a machine, second to meet Yasu and see what parts of Fukuoka he thinks are the coolest and lastly to get back with lots of time to pack ready for a 4am start back home and sleep.

2 thoughts on “Walking in the rain

  1. Thank you :)
    It was a nice habit to get back into but then I have had something to write about. Not a lot to take it’s place once home like anyone else returning from other parts.

    I wish I could convey how truly excellent this has been..

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