Kick the laptop

Went bed around 10pm despite it feeling wrong. Took some pummeling to make a skull shaped dent in the pillow. Woke like a light at 1. Looked at watch, saw 1pm, swore and jumped out of bed about kicking the laptop off it’s stool. Get shower going, flicking through clothes, unplugged phone, put back on bed to put laptop in – and then saw the sliver of dark between the window panels. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Checked to see which device has a time I can trust and went back sleep – this time wary of actually oversleeping.

Can’t stream the BBC News here which is a bummer. (The bed alarm just went off. Literally now. And I’d never set it. Odd). Sky news I can get but it isn’t one I like, There are no english channels on the TV though I didn’t expect them and I didn’t travel all this way just to watch TV. I don’t do that at home.

Little hot water machine/kettle device. 2 sachets of Green Tea, 2 sachets of Toasted Tea. No coffee. Luckily I had bought 2 emergency 500ml cans of sugar-free Red Bull yesterday for just such situations. This means I can enjoy the tea rather than hoping for the necessary caffeine.  This would seem to be the ideal time to quit the amount of caffeine I drink but then I’d have no vices. I would be pure of mind body and soul. And that wouldn’t be any fun would it? :)

Plan: after the toasted tea head toward the Backlog offices. I don’t care how long it takes or what route I take. Today I’ll be walking slow because I want to see, not look.

Just made the tea. Cup has no handles which makes it a small bowl then? And Toasted Tea smells like hot bran. I like bran and generally eat it out of a bowl but hm, Green Tea is it. Saw several Starbucks yesterday so all is safe there too.

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