High up there and now over here.

Right now this phone says it is 1549, the time in Tokyo is 0049. I am 7849km from there and just crossing into Russian airspace from Estonian (I think) some 3240m above the ground.

Might be me but the selection of films isn’t so good. Surrogates lasted 10 mins before Public Enemies and that too wasn’t so great. Right now Terminator Salvation is on and it makes glad I did not buy it. Junky nonsense.

Japanese lunchbox. Once I worked out how to eat the noodles on top right they were okay. Probably should have alternated mouthfuls more for the taste/texture experience. (There was a choice of this or pasta something but I could have made that myself). Bottom left is some sort of onion/carrot salad with sweetcorn and a dumpling type thing filled with something not unpleasant. Top left – yellow is spicy chicken, brown is something pork, violent pink I have no idea at all, and I think the purple were seeds. The brown package is rice and the bowl is miso soup which was really good. The lump in the triangle bit was some sort of sweet I think. Texture was that of elastic putty and there was something brown in the middle.
The phone says it is 1613 and outside it is now black. It was light when it started. Map says St Petersburg is below.

And the selfish bastard in front just decided to recline. You should have to pay the person behind if you do that.

Time to play Vagrant Story.


0330 Tokyo / 1830 UK and I am north of Omsk. Crossed the Urals some time ago and we look to be in the same timezone as India.
VS – that took ages to start and I got bored. You know those horseshoe shaped inflatable pillows? Couldn’t work out how get comfy.

Just started playing Broken Sword on the touch and they bring round Pearl and Dean icecream. How cool is that?


1920 UK
Bored now. If it wasn’t for the fact the tv screen is practically touching my head I’d try and watch something. An act of dominance is taking space like that. Selfish and safe dominance. She’s damn short too, not like she needs the space.
5 hours left.


2135 UK / 0635 Tokyo
Somewhere over the Chinese border
Used my knees to adjust the position of the short one in front, stretched up and tipped my head back and discovered I could see the screen. Nothing hugely appealed so went for Glorious 39
And what a great film. No sex, no violence just a fine film that I will buy on DVD and watch again. Interested to see what imdb give it though I’ll guess 5.5 to 6.5 (Just checked and it’s a 6.7)

2317 UK / 0817 Tokyo
Heavy eyes and headache arrive as what I think North Korea is crossed. 820 miles to go.

Food served and the last spoonful hits the t-shirt.

I do not have the address of the hotel in Fukuoka. I have one for a hotel in Tokyo, that’s all. No way to get in touch with anyone so time to hope. This is entirely my fault. I’d reminded Hanni recently she needed it on the way to the US. I use the Tokyo hotel address and send out texts and emails as soon as we land. Luckily I didn’t need the address itself though as Ned was meeting me at the airport.

Some time later
Land, customs is a breeze. Ask a Virgin Atlantic lady where I need to be for the connecting flight. I give her the itinerary paper. She studies and tells me to go to Terminal 2 (I’m at 1) and where to get the shuttle. Off I go. When I get there I check the boards, see no flight number so I ask. I should be in Terminal 1. Get the shuttle back. Ask again, get directed and when I get up there the flight has gone (I was still 15min before scheduled takeoff). Hm. Now I don’t have the address and I can’t meet Ned, I can’t tell him where I am, can’t yet get in touch with Naoko. Did I panic? Hell no. I was far too busy with a blinding headache. I wasn’t walking slow because I was cool about the situation – it was because I could not walk fast.
Downstairs the lady at the desk tells me I have 2 choices and says which she would pick. Fine by me. 3000 yen (about £21) gets me a coach ticket to Haneka airport (I’m at Narita). Takes about an hour so the headache reduced some. Airport is really well laid out and get the right flight. It’s not long but I sleep a bit.
Naoko has emailed the address and directions for the tube or get a taxi. Headache dictates latter.  Room 6181 of the Plaza Hotel Teijin is very welcome indeed. Net is 23 down and 7 up, I have the right adaptor.

Ned calls and meets me downstairs with Masanori from Backlog and Cacoo. We head round to their offices which doesn’t seem too far to get to but twice as far when coming back. I speak no japanese and everyone there speaks no english. I’ll be working from their offices – which are very nice – but Naoko and Ned will be around for translating. My body says it’s morning but it’s dark evening. First stop is a store where I get a chilled double espresso and then we get into a Yatai right by their offices.

I don’t make too much of an idiot with chopsticks. Some mince things (name forgotten), chicken balls and some pork skewer. Lemonade in a funky glass bottle seals it all. Much translated conversation about WordPress and Backlog and histories. Very pleasant conversation and a gentleman to our right who keeps saying that the new foods I am having are ‘challenges’. True, but the squid/octopus stayed in the cold box (these are challenges I will accept of course). The guys both brought me back to the hotel. I get to the offices myself tomorrow which will be good as the camera needs exercise.

The pillows feel like they are stuffed with pellets but I don’t care how I sleep because hey, I’m in Japan.

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