Been watching

Been watching a few films.
21 which is apparently based in the book Bringing down the house. The film is terrible. Shallow in every respect. Avoid. The book is excellent though and is highly recommended.

Hackers. Angelina Jolie. Mildly diverting in parts and if you have a clue about computers you need to forget them. Dated. But it has Angelina in. Won’t be watched again.

Beyond Borders. Angelina Jolie. Watched this today and about 2/3 of the way in realised I did actually want to watch it. So I spent the last 1/3 trying to not watch it but watching it to be sure I did want to watch it. Good, liked it so far.

Twin Town. No. Really. Not funny. If they give it away, give it back.

Beowulf. Didn’t finish it. A weird real person / computer graphic hybrid it seemed. I couldn’t decide what it was and it seemed just weird. Ejected.

Eastern Promises. This was a re-watch and it’s okay. If you want to see Viggo Mortensen’s naked bum as he wrestles in a turkish bath then this dvd is for you.

City of God (subtitled) Very very good. Will be watched again (and it must be good because I can’t watch/work with subtitles involved)

Changeling. Angelina again. Excellent film. Will be watched again properly.

Gran Turino. I thought it was a little set up, too contrived in parts but it’s a very good film that will be seen again.

Body of Lies. DiCaprio. Really liked this one, it stuck together well and kept me to the end. Rewatchable.

And I bought Leon again. I bought the original UK release, borrowed the US Director’s Cut release because it had extra film that had been cut but playing that on a mac was difficult so I ripped it but had no extras. The UK DC release has all of it together which makes me happy.

To watch again before deciding: Sideways, About Schmidt,

In the current dvd queue:
The Hurt Locker, Fever Pitch, Taxi to the Dark Side, The Fog of War, Dolores Claiborne, Secrets & Lies.

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