Silence falls

In 2004 I blogged daily or more but that dropped off for a variety of reasons – I got fed up of ranting, my words were taken out of context, I got busier and in the last couple of years what I want to write about became more personal. This has been very true over the last 18 months or so and certainly since January nearly all of what I want to say I do not want to write here. It’s very personal and if you have read this blog for a while you will know why. I have sometimes wanted to write here but by the time the moment arrives that I can write the desire has passed, superceded by other matters. It’s not twitter which I use because 140 doesn’t do it for me. I rant there but that’s what it’s for isn’t it? Anyway spammers are just about moved in big style and once they have the new search going it’ll be spam city. Wonder if they will do more about spam than the spam kingdom itself – Google. If only Hotmail would lose their ads I’d move. I should look at the cost (just did. It’s only $20/year). Anyway, I’m writing here less and less but my want to write remains and my need to not want it read so publicly is high. So I am letting the dust settle here. Maybe I’ll post but I probably will not. When I write elsewhere I’ll be in touch. I’m not stopping I am just changing focus.

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