Burnout Paradise idiots

I’m sure this is the case for every online game.

To get a gold paint finish on a car you have to have completed a pile of trophies. That’s getting between A and B really fast, doing stunts, finding billboards etc. And Paradise City is not small.
In short, to get to gold you have to have shown you have a clue and some ability to point a car in the right direction. So wtf are people in gold cars doing getting lost? They always pick the gold F1 car, they cannot do tricks, they do not help with timed challenges and are a monumental PITA. Gold F1 car? My game? Kicked.
If someone with a couple of hundred challenges completed decides to take me down I’m not hugely bothered. I’ll take them down at some point (unless they do it twice in which case I’m happy to race round the map til I get them), but new kids doing it? No.way. A few recently have cost everyone challenges and I am happily one of those that will hunt and take them down time after time until they get the message they are not wanted. Bullying? Probably. Do I care? Not a bit. It’s a competitive world out there.
But what is odd about the gold cars is that while idiots drive them I have yet to see a clueless driver behind the wheel of a platinum car. There is not a huge difference between the 2 in trophies so either there is a cheat (Criterion state there are none, but there is a challenge glitch) or people are getting the gold and giving it to their clueless brother. Or maybe the Platinum doesn’t have the bling factor. The glitch – someone appears to be still, is ‘in’ the challenge but completes nothing, moves nowhere. After an indeterminate period the challenge completes when it should not have done. Seen this happen many times.
BP is still an amazing game though even after 200+ hours playing.

I should start playing Team Fortress online and see how many times the n00b me gets taken out by a headshot :)

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  1. i know this is a very old post but i played 2500 hours of tf2 (its not too much if compared to other players still playing it) and about 90 hrs of burnout paradise… I still play burnout and changed to “Paladins” know instead of tf2 and am enjoying it quite a lot.

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