Truth and Teachers

Teachers have voted to oppose military recruitment activities in schools if they employ “misleading propaganda”.
Young people must be given a true picture of Army life, not a “marketised version”, the National Union of Teachers conference heard. BBC

By that same criteria, they also have to stop teaching religion, give the harsh reality of certain careers (nursing and teaching spring to mind), tell the truth about what their exam results will actually get them (very little), that the law has no teeth and misbehaving isn’t such a big deal, that drinking can be great fun and isn’t all bad and many other things about life. The Careers Office should have a notice on the door advising kids that shocks are in store. They should also quit with the Political Correctness because that in itself is propaganda.

Educators use fear to get what they want as much as politicians use lies to further their aims, so if the NUT want the Armed Forces to tell the truth then maybe they should start looking at the propaganda they pour daily into impressionable minds.

Edit: Paul McGarr of the NUT. You are just a leftist namby-pamby pathetic piece of scrap whose school should be ashamed you are employed there. If you were my daughter’s teacher I would be complaining about you already. IDIOT.

One thought on “Truth and Teachers

  1. One of the high schools I work in recently made up an A5 booklet for the computing department. This was for the kids in 2nd year to make their choices for their 3rd year.

    One of the paragraphs told them that an IT graduate from Uni, in their first job would earn £36,000 a year.

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