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10:33 Thu 10 Jan 2008

One more step away from G

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NewsGator just let FeedDemon and NetNewsWire be free. No ‘lite’ versions, fully free.
There were a couple of programs I really missed from Windows and FeedDemon was one. I forget just why NNW did not appeal, but the cost was one aspect. I’d already bought FD so paying made my judgement harsher. But now it’s free.
The shared items bit in Google Reader I do not like. There is the whole privacy thing with Google. There is also the fact that this astronomically rich company provide absolutely useless support – like trying to make stone sweat blood. I use gmail and google reader. Having NNW free means I can move feed reading away from Google. It also means I have just one app for feeds and podcasts.
The data that Google take in return from this being free is what Newsgator now get. I trust them more.

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  1. :-) Just read about FeedDemon (via FeedDemon) too, I’d read about it on your blog ages ago and bought it then.

    Happy now I can take it over to Leopard.

    Comment by Terry Brown — 21:03 Thu 10 Jan 2008 @ 21:03 Thu 10 Jan 08

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