Open another browser?

Is there a way to open another browser from in the default browser?

Example: Firefox is my default. I want to create some links that when clicked will open the target site in Camino. I can’t see a way to right-click and choose Camino. I can’t see a way to use anything similiar to mailto: and right now copy/paste seems the way and I’d really like to avoid that. Actually, I could switch the default browser but that really would be a PITA given the use of Firefox which would continue when using Camino. (I say Camino but I mean any other browser, I’m not fussy)
Anyone know of a way?

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  1. On my windows machine right clicking a link brings up an option to “open link in Ext.App.” which launches the link in IE. I can’t find out how to configure that though (a quick search suggest you can’t change this to another browser).

    For the Mac(and windows too) there appears to be a plugin that might do what you want (kind of) called Launchy

  2. Neasen – this didn’t arise in Windows simply because I wasn’t as organised. Backpack has me working better. I used bookmarks in Opera then. But having it all in Backpack really does work for me.

    Mark – Thank you – dragging works :)

    I have a list of urls in backpack which I only want Camino to open.
    (I find it very annoying in OS X that I cannot launch 2 instances of Firefox. Regardless of the reason I find it a hindrance, hence my overuse of other browsers for tasks.)
    I just tried dragging a link – no favicon – down to Camino and it opened perfectly.

    So I get more backpack organisation and the browser pattern of use I need.

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