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13:21 Thu 27 Sep 2007

WordPress: Will you be in London next week?

Filed under: WordPress — 13:21 Thu 27 Sep 07

I blogged the WP / meet Matt / Conference thing in London a while ago. It’s next week. So if you are planning on being there, are you aiming for Thursday or Friday? I’m not doing the conference so I’m just there to lounge around, take photos and imbibe large quantities of caffeine. I have T-shirts (the red ones), I have stickers if you like stickers and Matt and others will be around.
Mathew has proposed a couple of venues but we just need to know who and when. I’ll find an old sim card for my mobile and post that here just before too. So, are you there?

Ignore the above – go read Matt’s blog.


  1. I’m hoping to make it – thursday is best for me.

    Comment by westi — 21:38 Thu 27 Sep 2007 @ 21:38 Thu 27 Sep 07

  2. And since I wrote the above there’s an increasing chance I will not be able to make it..

    … but worry not! If so I will get the goodies there!

    Comment by Mark — 22:26 Thu 27 Sep 2007 @ 22:26 Thu 27 Sep 07

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