To av or not av

Do I install av software on the reinstalled machine?

– viruses are bad
– its expected that you do

– malware is much worse
– av eats more resources than it ‘gives back’ in results
– safe practice is most of the battle against virii anyway

So right now I’m veering to No.
I do have spybot installed and hijackthis available. Clamwin is a purely on-demand solution which sounds okay but I have yet to dig around for reviews and comparisons.

Got av?

7 thoughts on “To av or not av

  1. I run avast! and I like it enough. I suppose you are right though… if you take enough preventive measures that’s most of the battle right there. avast! only uses a little over meg in resources as far as I can tell, and it is free for personal use. It doesn’t feel nearly as bulky and bloated as McAfee or Norton to me, so I will continue to use it.

  2. I run AVG, Ad-Watch, SpyBot and Windows Defender with my Windows Firewall switched on. I go where I want and when I want and by keeping all those up to date and running regularly I’ve managed to avoid any significant problems in the last 6 years or so of online activity…..touch wood ;)

  3. I’ve gone the same way as you Steve – avg.
    Same situation with the hardware firewall.

    I still think a virus is nothing compared to the malware that can get in – that’s why I use Hijackthis. It also lets me see if anything has hooked into the startup items

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