Moving to flickr

Gallery finally annoyed me to the point of rm -rf
It’s gone, all trace of it has been removed and it will never ever be back. Nasty horrible stuff. I’m sure some people think it’s wildly intuitive but the wall to my left just couldn’t dent any more. So it’s nuked. And everything – almost – lives on flickr.
It was a very pleasant experience uploading the just over 500 images and organising them. So much so that by the time I needed the 4th set I was really happy to go pro. I’d played with Zooomr last week but the ‘smart sets’ there drove me nuts, as did the individual deleting. The fact that site gives you no clues / help as to a lost password is also astonishingly bad.

All the UPB photos are in a collection, the bodyart ones are there, as are Hotel Orquidea from holiday, some chaoscope images (must do some full size ones). No work ones yet but they are planned as are more of the dog. The photoblog I have will continue because that’s where I’m playing with the photo software more though I need to redo the tags there.

He fixed my bike

There are some things I’ll happily attempt, some I’ll grudgingly have a go at and others I just avoid. Servicing my bike is one such task. I needed all new cables, wheels realigning, things tightening and it being checked over by someone who knew what they were checking.
Fixmybike in Leicester was just the job. Guy came round, had a look, we discussed costs very briefly and he took the bike into the back of his van. Around an hour later I have a safe and serviced bike. To those of you who have never tried, there is a noticeable difference between a pre and post serviced bike and it’s not just tyre pressures. Cost was 42 quid complete which was amazingly good.
So if you are around Leicester and you want your bike serviced at home, give the guy at Fixmybike a call. Damn good service.

WordPress: Will you be in London next week?

I blogged the WP / meet Matt / Conference thing in London a while ago. It’s next week. So if you are planning on being there, are you aiming for Thursday or Friday? I’m not doing the conference so I’m just there to lounge around, take photos and imbibe large quantities of caffeine. I have T-shirts (the red ones), I have stickers if you like stickers and Matt and others will be around.
Mathew has proposed a couple of venues but we just need to know who and when. I’ll find an old sim card for my mobile and post that here just before too. So, are you there?

Ignore the above – go read Matt’s blog.

The day before it’s 21

I caught Georgina on IM earlier and she’s good. I think she said it was scary at times but she’s okay. I suppose if you are going to be anywhere in Burma right now an Embassy is just about the best place.

Camera is good. Lots of photos today, all crap (clouds / sunsets are so hard to do!) and the images are fine. Don’t have an excuse for a new one.

I have a desire to trawl ebay to find something I don’t yet know I want but I just know will prove indispensible (for at least week anyway).

There was someone who once had a blog and his tagline involved henchmen for himself. Was checking some old links late last night and found the domain has expired and now has the regular ad stuff that squatters use. Which is a shame. It’s all transient …

And J is down right now. Very very down. Badly down. Really not good at all. There’s nothing to say though, nothing to do. Nothing can change what is happening and no amount of talking will make it go away. So there is nothing anyone can do. The Social Worker says see the MS Nurse who says it’s for the SW, The GP and MS Consultant will write letters and say what J needs and yet no-one listens. Silent screaming she called it the other day. So she gets no help, she is deteriorating, she gets stressed because I’m doing everything but she can’t and she sees no light at the end of the tunnel. That last part is very bad.

When private is not private

Who arrived, what they arrived in, who spoke, the music that was heard, who left, when they left, what message was on the Order of Service. And toward the end of the article:

The McRae family had asked that their privacy be respected with regard to the funeral.

What extra detail would the BBC have provided if that request had not been there? They could argue about where they define ‘funeral’ but for most I’d say it’s from when they leave their home to when they return.

Shore it’s mine.

Under a new UN treaty, countries can claim a greater share of the ocean floor if they can show a direct link with their own land mass. Belfast Telegraph

So the UK can have lots of places then – after all, we are an island and unless we were directly linked we’d sink. It’s another example of nonsense – “I’m more connected that you”.. what is this? LinkedIn for tectonic plates? And if the gas/oil (GWB will say he’s connected next) is under all of them as is probable, who then gets it? Stupid.

Trevor “Call me Mr PC” Phillips

British history should be rewritten to make it “more inclusive”, says Trevor Phillips, the head of the new human rights and equality commission. BBC

There is no other word for this – bollocks. It’s complete garbage. History is done. Rewriting history is the stuff of Dictators, censors and those with an alternate agenda (That’s you Mr Phillips).
Who will write it, who will appeal to everyone that wants to help? Who will then want a slice of British life because of something their forefather’s forefathers’s great uncle did? Where do we start? Wherever you pick I can argue for 100 years previously. Who will demand that history books are tossed onto a fire to make way for the new world version? (And who will pay for the schools to get new books when they can’t afford old ones even now?) Who decides what is or is not worthy of inclusion, what did or did not affect England / Britain / United Kingdom / the British Empire / the Commonwealth (and any other variants successfully argued and agreed by all present at the junket convened to waste money while making out they are pondering it).
Trevor Phillips – the rest of us know that Political Correctness is a terrible thing. It’s genuinely Bad. And crap like this coming from your “new commission” simply reinforces the fact that people like me see people like you as leeches on society. You suck that cash in but you give nothing tangible back. Trevor Phillips – a waste of time and oxygen.

The very simple fact is this: No amount of rewriting will change a damn thing.

Want a rewrite? Thank the Butterfly instead.