WordPress Meetup. Matt. London. October.

There is a conference in London called The Future of Web Apps. It takes place October 3rd – 5th. There are lots of speakers and Matt is one. So, seeing as he’s here, want to meet up?

The venue will be Excel London. They have bars we can use, their site lists travel links and if there are others at the conference they would be close by. Date will be October 4th, maybe October 5th too.


And if you will be there, or are pretty sure, leave a comment so I know if to organise tshirts and if so how many.

(In response to an email, the cost is just getting there. And any drinks. Entry to the conference isn’t included or required. We’ll meet at a bar outside the conference but in the same building).

20 thoughts on “WordPress Meetup. Matt. London. October.

  1. I happen to live 5 minutes walk from Excel centre so I might be uniquely qualified here to advise on bars at/near the venue. There’s one immediately outside called the Fox, which is good but is usually very busy after any conference/event. Alternatively, if you cross the footbridge outside the venue you’ll find a dockside bar called So on the other side, which will be most refreshing if (big “if”) it’s a warm day.

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