An extra license question.

On the desktop I set the view options to be by size. So I have the main HD (80gb), then a usb stick (512mb) then the other 2 drives of 160gb and 120gb. I assume the FAT32 formatting of the stick is screwing it up because it has lots of free space.

Bought Candybar for the Mac last night. Now I have much nicer icons. I used custom folder colours a lot on XP so I could quickly navigate so it’s a feature I wanted. There’s probably a way to have done it for free but it’s 7 quid so it’s hardly expensive.

Okay, the question.
Some software when it has the condition that you can only use it on 1 machine. It may offer a ‘family’ licence of up to ‘x’ machines. This isn’t talking about volume licensing, just about those programs you find, you like and you buy. Now let’s say you bought a program which you could use on only 1 computer – and then some time later you buy a second computer.
Do you even bother to check any license?
Would you just copy the serial into the new machine?
Would you hunt down the license, check their site and send them an enquiry?
Would you just buy another copy?
Does the cost matter?
If there is a determining factor, what is it?

This isn’t being posted out of guilt or indeed innocence. I usually don’t check. So with some programs I’ll be fine and some I probably won’t – though on the PC I think only FeedDemon was purchased and you could use that across your machines. My thoughts are that I have bought the program for me to use and if I have 2 machines then I need that program to be in 2 locations. They are not being given to anyone else, the serial is not being posted anywhere. The obvious thought is also that I can.
Taking Candybar as an example, I have no idea if I can use that in another machine. I’ve searched Panic’s site but can’t see a EULA. If I couldn’t, would you?

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