10 to midnight on a Friday

Upper outer arm is a great place for a tattoo. It’s not being stretched and flexed like other parts of my arm so it’s not at all irritating. It’s got a fine scabbing but nothing major. And simply because of that I’m closer to the LITHA method than before. Not bad.

The mini. So what have I used it for? So far, lots of exploring with Firefox, Camino, Opera and Safari. It’s odd looking at the styling of pages and seeing the differences. It more marked to me than FF/IE/Op on Windows. Maybe that’s the native styling, maybe it’s me looking more. The other thing is that here on the screen I’m typing now if I click maximise then FF commandeers every pixel of a 17″ monitor. Yet on the 15″ mini it doesn’t. I read something somewhere that Windows users tend to max their programs whereas Mac users do not. I have no idea on that but maybe this is partly why? (I used to max programs because it was too ‘busy’ on a smaller screen not to for me. I hated the navigation but not 100% windows looked worse. Now I’ve got more screen the monitor on the right has nothing maxed and usually 6 apps going on – they overlap nicely. And my productivity went up and my stress went down with the second monitor.) So that max thing is strange.

Smultron is nice. Cyderduck is okay (haven’t tried fugu yet) There’s something else I installed which appeared okay too.
Music. The ext HD is NTFS and I won’t/can’t FAT32 it. So the mini can read but not write. So…. if I drop the music onto that HD and plug it in it’ll play just fine (Audion 3 / MacAmp Lite) but new music – that which you tend to play the most, I’ll need to switch the drive back to this machine, copy the music, flip it back. Hassle. And unnecessary I suppose. But it’s a plan.
Installing WP onto it is a priority though.

UltraEdit. One app. Does S/FTP, FTP editing and basic SSH (and that is all I need). One app, 3 functions. Currently I use 3 programs for those tasks. It’s $40. Is there anything better (Windows flavoured :) )

SSX On Tour. I am a Legend. Yep – I’m a legend in a videogame too !

2 thoughts on “10 to midnight on a Friday

  1. Yeah, on osx it only maximizes to the width needed. I however keep my browser window maximized fully, because it’s what I’m used to and then if the page is bigger than the last, i don’t have to hit the maximize button again.

    Do you need it to be NTFS? Why? If it’s hooked to the mini, format it mac osx journaled. Windows can’t write to it directly then, but via the network it can. Same the other way around.

    I use transmit ( http://panic.com ) for my ftp stuff. Terminal for any sshing, which is rare.

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