Synergy saved my mighty mouse

Westi suggested Synergy after seeing my office picture below. With the assistance of SynergyOSX, some pondering and the odd expletive I finally got it working. This saves the (alleged) mighty mouse from a sudden and fully expected flying lesson. It means I get proper mouse control! I can go into folders, fiddle with things and generally play because control is no longer an obstacle. I’m thinking of putting the apps that would benefit from some osx niceness in there – colloquy instead of xchat maybe? What other stuff would look better / work better ? (apart from “everything” :) )

(Force Quit – yep, done my first ctrl-atl-del on the mini. That didn’t taken long!)

4 thoughts on “Synergy saved my mighty mouse

  1. Yeah, apps lock up. The point is they don’t bring the system down with them, usually. Unlike a lot of the time in windows.

    As for apps, Frankly I use X-chat Aqua over Colloquy, because I think colloquy is shit. NetNewsWire for RSS, Camino, Adium, VoodooPad, Transmit (used to use cyberduck until it totally fucked up some file transfers so I couldn’t rely on it), Textmate…

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